Comic Artist tackles Monsters

Yeah, I know what you want this post to be about based on that title, but this isn’t Adam Atherton or Daniel Govar taking out Frankenstein at the knees. It is nearly as cool, though.

A new poster has been released for the up-and-coming giant monster movie treat, writer/director Gareth Edwards’ “Monsters,” and it was designed by “Batman & Robin” artist Frazer Irving. It is fantastic that the movie industry is turning to the comics industry for more than story ideas and properties; pulling comic artists on board for movie posters is a solid idea we can get behind, and Irving did a bang-up job here!

“Monsters” has grabbed a lot of attention thanks to its low-budget, guerrilla-style film making – oh, and a super interesting concept, too. When the protagonists find themselves trekking  across “The Infected Zone” in Mexico they have to deal with aliens that have taken up residence on our home turf. While “Monsters” hits theaters October 29, you first adapters out there can catch it right now via Video On Demand, iTunes, Amazon and Xbox.

So enjoy this new poster, and be sure to circle back around to our site after you’ve seen “Monsters” and let us know what you thought of it.

Just in case you have yet to see the trailer for the movie…

Looking for a place to hide out when the Monsters come for us? Get a berth in this Post-Apoc bunker for just $5k down…


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