Zombie teaches kids a lesson (but we don’t know what it is)

Object lessonLetter from a Zombie

“I will be your place soon. From Zombie.”

Children have a basic acceptance of the ridiculous as real, with little-to-no trouble believing in the fantastic — especially when the adults they trust are telling them the fantastic is real. (Santa Clause, anyone?)

So chuckle as we might at the Japanese-to-English translation provided in this video, it really is no surprise that the children accept a letter from the zombie they saw shambling down the street minutes before as hard proof that a monster is coming… and not randomly, not accidentally, but with cold, murderous purpose.

“I will be your place soon…”

What is a trio of youngsters to do under those circumstances? Run? Hide? Perhaps, but we all know that the shambling dead are inexorable, they are inexhaustible, and they are insatiable. These children, who appear to range from five to eight years old, provide a grand case for the survival of the human race in the face of zombie apocalypse; after reading the letter they instantly, unanimously declare they will stand and fight.

This story reminds one of  the 2007 case where elementary school teachers simulated a gunman attack on sixth graders. As bad as that was in a lot of ways this is worse: it’s a bit mind-blowing that these misguided adults would decide to simulate an interface between the living dead and a toddler and his two not-much-older siblings.

What do you think? Should we take this idea and start running zombie-fighting drills with our youth?


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2 thoughts on “Zombie teaches kids a lesson (but we don’t know what it is)

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