Everybody’s Doing It

Bunker Supper Level – From terravivos.com

After the bombs drop, which category would you rather find yourself; the Life Insurance crowd that planned to help their family with a pile of bread after they kick it, or the Life Assurance gang that is still around to repopulate the Earth? A $5,000 down payment can get you in the second group today!

It doesn’t matter the flavor of Apocalypse: dirty bombs, Biblical floods, nuclear fire, rampaging pathogens or the inevitable uprising of Justin Bieber clones, Robert Vicino plans to be around to reboot the planet. He’s the architect of the Terra Vivos underground shelter network near Barstow, California, and he’d like to bring you along for the ultimate ride — if you’ve got fifty grand a head.

This article from PopSci.com has plenty of what we like, filled with words like “50-megaton nuclear blast”, “post-apocalyptic bunkers”, “catastrophic electromagnetic pulse” and a personal favorite, “post-apocalyptic raiders.”

Give it a read and then double-check your Go Bag to compare surviving the end of the world on the run or in a luxury bunker. I know which one I’d choose… now I just need the scratch to reserve a spot.

[Looking for something less… bunkery? Check out the plans for Above Below, an inverted, self-sufficient, subterranean skyscraper]


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