Walking Dead Sneak Peek

I know a guy who knows a gal who got a sneak peek at the first two episodes of Walking Dead, and she is spilling the spoiler-free beans!

Here, let me help you with that...Okay, I don’t really know a guy who knows Meredith over at io9, but I do feel like I owe her a beer after she posted her review (again, spoiler free, unless you’ve never read the comic and count learning the names of some characters spoilery). I know I am not alone in my excitement and anticipation for this Halloween treat coming to AMC, and her review was filled with exactly what we fans really want to hear: details on how the story translates from B&W serial comic to full color serial television.

I’m not going to steal her thunder on this – not only did I not get the joy of previewing a third of the first season (yes, it’s only six episodes long, but AMC has pretty much said they will pick up a 13 episode second series! And the first hasn’t even started yet!) but I doubt I could have done as good a job as she. So head on over to io9 (they are from the future, don’tcha know) and read herreview of the Walking Dead and let her know what you think!

[Walking Dead has Roamer Zombies and Lurker Zombies, but at least they don’t have Douchebag Zombies that like to prank little kids!]


One thought on “Walking Dead Sneak Peek

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