Headshots Come Easy

Don't worry, he won't be alone for long... Watch the clip then come back to discuss!

Walking Dead clip

A new clip from The Walking Dead featured characters Rick Grimes and Morgan Jones as they learn to deal with the newly changed world – and a headshot and plenty of blood!

This clip is likely very representative of the series; it certainly reflects the complexity of the comic. On the surface it might not seem like much is going on, just some straight-forward zombie-killing awesomeness….

Consider, though, that Rick knew the zombie. He could have left him there. They were in no danger, and in fact as Morgan points out shooting him increased the danger as any Roamers nearby would converge on the sound of the gunshot. Yet Rick decides he can’t let someone he knew exist in such a hellish state. This is a clue to the deep recesses of moral struggle that Rick will wade–and sometimes drown–within.  … heck he didn’t even like the guy…

And about the blood. It looks like The Walking Dead is taking a page from Spartacus: Blood and Sand and using CGI blood applied in post. It sure allows for some deliberate and artistic application of the red stuff, but, at least in this clip, it does have that artificial feel. Hopefully the sheer epicness of the show will cover for that.

Also of note is Lennie James in his role as Morgan Jones. You fans of the End of the World may recognize him as Robert Hawkins from the fantastic and regrettably cut short show Jericho, centering around the good folks of Jericho, Kansas after a series of nuclear strikes on American soil cut them off from the rest of the world.

The Walking Dead will debut its 90-minute series premiere on Sunday, October 31.

[Here’s hoping The Walking Dead will make use of this Johnny Cash zombie song…]


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