You had me at “Skull Ejector”

We already had our eye on the Slingshot Channel as possible supplier of Aftermath Weaponry, and after word came by the bunker of a zombie-killing slingshot complete with a SKULL EJECTOR… well let it be known that Joerg Sprave is now on the short list for a berth in the bunker.

The Zombie Hammer (yes, just let that name sink in… just feels right…) is a multi-weapon designed for survival in a zombie-infested wasteland that covers both ranged and up-close-and-personal undead combat. It’s a slingshot! It’s a hammer! It’s a pole-arm!

It’s beautiful.

Here is Joerg himself, demonstrating the elegance of the only melee/ranged weapon guaranteed not to draw in Walkers from down the street while dealing Second Death to those in your face.


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