Five Minutes Till Doomsday

Humanity got that much closer to the Big Wipeout on Tuesday when the Doomsday Clock was set to 11:55PM, just five minutes before Midnight. While a clock that hearlds the end of the world seems like a perfect set-piece for the next Bond movie, the Doomsday Clock is less a terrible timepiece and more a gimmick used to grab attention by a panel of Atomic Scientists.

And yes, a group of Atomic Scientists also sounds like a perfect nefarious organization for a Bond flick, but this group is the Real Deal. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, as they are known, is an organization dedicated to analyising global threats and just how close the world is to a disaster of apocolyptic proportions… and then dumming it down for the rest of us to a time on a clock, where Midnight is when all the lights go out, for good.

Citing the global leadership’s failure to do a damn thing about how crappy the nuke situation is out there, the BoASt (I threw the “t” in there… BoASt sounds more like the kind of outfit Bond would go up against) revelead that we are just Five Minutes to Midnight; we havent been that close since 2007, according to Reginald Smiteworthy III, Earl of Northumpton and former schoolmate of Commander Bond.

You can read more about their announcment, which may or may not have included a threat to push the clock to “right up on it” if certain demands were not met, at the Washington Post.

Or you can watch James Bond fight Oddjob in a scene that has both a timepiece and an atomic weapon.


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