Coronal Mass Ejection Striking Earth RIGHT NOW!


NOAA screenOur planet is currently UNDER ASSAULT by massive WAVES OF PLASMA ENERGY!

The cause of  a RADIO BLACKOUT on January 13th, a blast of electrically charged plasma has ejected from the sun and hurtled toward us, crossing 93 million miles, in just FOUR DAYS.

Time to retreat to your shielded bunker? Feeling smug about buying so much gold now that Earth’s global banking computers are sure to be scrambled? Already hugging your smartphone, whispering comforting lullabies and assuring it everything will “be okay”?

You, sir, are not prepared for what is going to happen. Even now, as wave after wave of SOLAR RADIATION washes over us, experts are turning a trained eye north in hopes to witness the true meaning of it all…twinkly lights.

According to NASA, NOAA, and other amazing folks who actually know what they are talking about, the massive CME (coronal mass ejection) is harmless, although it is perfect for creating aurora light shows!

So, toss your bug-out bag back in the closet and put the lid back on your Sunblock 5000, we now return you to your regularly scheduled life.

The wonderful light-show video above is from Lights Over Lapland, which books tours to see these spectacles in person!

Image is a screen capture from the NOAA Space Weather Prediction site. Yes that is a real thing.


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