Polonnaruwa: The Typhoid Mary of Meteorites?

DIATOMLess than thirty days ago a rock fell from the sky bearing, some scientists now claim, life from the stars.

The meteorite made planetfall in Sri Lanka on December 29, 2012, and was named “Polonnaruwa” after the nation’s second most ancient city. It was examined by a team of scientists lead by Chandra Wickramasinghe, who claim to have discovered diatoms (a diatom is a type of algae) on the rock that are extraterrestrial in origin.  Wickramasinghe is cofounder of the theory of “panspermia”, that life is seeded throughout the universe, transported via asteroids and meteors. This excellent article over at Huffington Post goes into the deets on Wickramasinghe’s science and his critics, but I’d like to talk about the fact that Polonnaruwa is likely to be the DEATH OF ALL MANKIND.

This fellow took an electron microscope and discovered SPACE ALGAE woven into the rock fibers? Somehow I doubt these “diatoms” are here for benevolent reasons.

Come to share their advanced technology with us? I don’t think so.

Perhaps their tech is more of the spiritual variety? Come to grant us enlightenment, bring us peace on Earth? Sure, so that we disarm just in time for the armada to arrive and enslave us all? No, thank you.

Just you wait; next we will hear of a strange sickness taking hold of villagers in Sri Lanka…

Before Dr. Wicked gets us all killed, I vote someone flush this rock post-haste.

If you are a little less twitchy than I am on the subject of meteorite-born annihilation, enjoy the following video making the case that Polonnaruwa’s secrets have proven that extraterrestrial life is a real thing.


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