A Few Armageddon Entertainment Updates

ZombielandFirst, “Armageddon Entertainment” should be its own network.

Anyway, some news for those that may not have heard on the “Awesome Post Apoc Stuff Coming to TV and Movies” front (APASCtTVaM):

Zombieland THE SHOW

Rumors are rumors, and while it is pretty cool when a movie like Zombieland comes out and we all enjoy it and someone says “Let’s make it a TV show” and we all go “WHEEEEE!”, usually it doesn’t happen. So the real news here is not that there MAY be a Zombieland TV show, but that here REALLY may be a Zombieland TV show.

According to the good folks at I09 a casting call went out for the show, and it contained some pretty detailed character sketches that outlined how the show may differ from the movie.  I have an idea that is pretty spolierific which I will get to in a second.

Terminator Sequel

This story has been deactivated and reactivated quite a lot, but there is some new news here: it seems two writers have been engaged to work on the script. Laeta Kalogridis, who worked on Avatar and Shutter Island will team up with Patrick Lussier, who previously worked on Wes Craven’s Dracula and My Bloody Valentine.

And, supposedly, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself will return. That will be epic, but epic good or epic bad remains to be seen.

Hmmmm…. Setting Avatar aside, we have three films with some decidedly tense and horror-ific themes. Could this herald a return to the original Terminator in spirit? Boy, I hope so.

My Spoilery Idea for Zombieland

Only a spoiler if you have yet to see the movie, because this isn’t news or anything; just the best idea ever. You know what would send Zombieland the TV Show into the stratosphere? Bill Murray! That’s right, bring THAT character back, now as an ACTUAL ZOMBIE! You’re welcome.


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