Danny Cruz Confirmed for Second Clutch Cover

sacrifice_by_dannycruz4-d553uzuYou see that book over there? On the right. You can’t miss it—the one with the massive guy swinging the axe with the teeth and the shark face? Yeah. The awesome one. That cover was drawn by Danny Cruz (and colored by the tremendous Kelly Williams), the ubertalent behind many of the designs of MONSTER, cover artist for the G.I. JOE and GHOSTBUSTERS comics, and one of the hottest DeviantArt pages you ever did see. (Yes, the demon up top was taken from there. Without permission, so don’t tell Danny.)

I am thrilled to announce that Mr. Cruz has taken a crowbar to his tightly packed schedule and made room to create the art that will grace the sequel to CLUTCH… SUNDER: Book Two of The Wrecked Earth!

I happen to have the inside scoop on what the cover will look like (since, you know, I’m writing the book) and I guarantee if you liked the cover to CLUTCH and are hoping for awesomeness of the same magnitude, you will be very happy!

If you are new to Clutch and the whole Wrecked Earth thing, I encourage you to click on the cover of the book and check it out—you can read the back cover copy, the prequel and the first chapter. There are also all the nifty links to buy. Keep in mind when you buy the paperback, it comes with a code for the ebook, so you can read it…everywhere!


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