Is it a Home or a Fortress?

Zombie Proof HomeRebuff the Undead in this Zombie-Proof Home!

Now, before you pile on and tell me exactly how you would get into this house if you were a zombie (if?) I concede that very few things are “anything” proof. BUT – this house may be in the running!

Built by KWK Promes for a client that picked “I want to feel safe” as the primary building concern, this house has a drawbridge, rolling gate, movable walls, and an intelligent design that isolates visitors when the owners are out in the yard until they can be assessed and deemed safe. Or shot. Whatever.

Take a look-see at this home via video (unless you happen to live near the village in Warsaw, and then you can check it out yourself):

My favorite part of the video is how the first couple seconds actually look like the start of a horror movie.

As for the house itself? I dig it. Don’t know how great these features would be unless you had some power running, but the ability to turn your home into a featureless gray block could let you at least keep the lights on inside without attracting the zed.


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