Short Film: The Apocalypse

The Apoc FilmHow do I deliver a warning about this short film without spoiling it… how about, “Rated ABG” (Awesome Because Gore)?

Andrew Zuchero offers us this under-six-minute film titled “The Apocalypse”, which is screening at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival (which I hear is some kinda big deal) and has a neat little home on the web ( – yes I am jealous I didn’t think of grabbing that domain years ago), and of course you can watch it down below.

I’ve got to say, I’m a fan. The film just jumps right in to The End Of It All with no explanation, and, as you will see, there is none needed. The delivery of the Apocalypse Catalyst is as shocking as it is clever, and the effects… well, just take a look see.

Whatever comes next for Zuchero and his compatriots at Greencard Pictures NYC, this gem is certainly going to help them get there.

Now on to Important Business… how best to capitalize on the phrase “Apocalypse Catalyst”, which is oh-so-clever? Oh, I have an ide(POP)


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