Zombie Kit chosen by Author of World War Z is BORING

plastic-water-bottleYou’d think the contents of Max Brooks’ zombie survival kit would have more punch!

After all, this is the man that wrote The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead! But, I have to admit, his kit is sensible and, as he points out in a recent article for WIRED, mirrors what would be smart to pack to survive any disaster.

One of the things I love about post-apocalypse fiction in general, and the zombie apocalypse fiction in particular, is the wide variety of story types you find out there. You can range from pure adventure tales that don’t bother too much with the harsh reality of the mundane, to deeply microscopic examinations of the human condition in nightmarishly trying times. Brooks’ follow up book, World War Z, falls a little closer to the later than the former, so his practical take on a zed survival kit makes sense.

Here are his top ten go-to items:

  1. WATER!
  2. Some way to collect and PURIFY water!
  3. Broken-in hiking boots (blisters are not funny!)
  4. Dry socks (trench foot is definitely not funny!)
  5. A radio that doesn’t need batteries (and an earpiece so you’re not broadcasting to everything living and undead within earshot)
  6. Some means of making fire (matches are good, flint and steel and char cloth are better)
  7.  Some means of self-defense (preferably something that doesn’t need reloading)
  8. A first aid kit
  9.  A Swiss army knife or multi-tool
  10. The Zombie Survival Guide — ONLY if it’s in paperback! Hey, I love e-books too, but remember, in a crisis, paper doesn’t break or simply run out of juice!

Sounds pretty good. Water topping the list makes sense, but you have to consider your plan: are you on the run, or are you holed up somewhere? On the run you can’t take but so much, so I’d adjust the second item to include “have a plan to find water on the way.”

I can’t find fault with much of the rest of the list, although the ability to take threats out at a distance is pretty important, be they brain-munchers or fellow survivors, so to customize this list for me I’d swap out number ten with a reliable hunting rifle.

What do you think of Mr. Brooks’ list? And are you excited to see the movie adaptation of his book?


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