Asteroid to Buzz Earth after Valentine’s Day

Bright meteorYou may wonder why I have a disproportionate amount of posts here on TAP covering meteoritics related phenomenon… but then again, considering the world I set my novel in, you may not. Well, I have another fascinating bit of news here: in roughly two weeks, an asteroid half the size of a football field will pass closer to Earth than the orbit of many of our satellites!

Asteroid 2012 DA14 is going to slip under the GEO (Geosynchronous Earth Orbit – the level at which most weather and communication satellites hang out) but over the LEO (Low Earth Orbit, the domain of the ISS). And while the experts SAY that DA14 will not impact Earth…

Okay it’s not going to hit Earth, but we can still have some fun with it, right?

For starters, I am using the excuse of this near-miss to launch the first TAP DOOM TIMER, a count-down timer to potential apocalyptic catalysts. You’ll find it in the upper right corner.

Next, take a few minutes out and get educated on asteroid 2012 DA14 with this great video from NASA. My second favorite line from the video is:  “The impact of a fifty-meter wide meteor is not cataclysmic…unless you happen to be near it.” After delivering this line the narrator goes on to show you just how devastating it WOULD be if you were within fifty miles of this thing when it smashed into our home planet.

My absolute favorite line, though, is the last line of the video (emphasis mine):

“For more news about near-Earth asteroids and OTHER PERILS, visit”

Science is cool, but space science is supercool.


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