Zombie EBS Alert! Thank you, random hacker!

ALERTI will go on record right now saying that I would never actually want a zombie apocalypse to happen. It is a fantasy and should remain a fantasy.

On the other hand… I would have loved to be sitting in the room when this happened:

Imagine that thrill of fear, heavily laced with excitement. It’s happening. For just a moment you would be transported to the opening moments of your favorite apoc movie; and just like the characters featured in the opening scene your role is as yet undefined. Are you going to be the hero, the character that becomes a leader in the horrific days to come, who dies early in the conflict so that others may live? Will you be a sap, someone who makes the wrong moves and inevitably winds up as fodder to the movie’s inexorable villain? Perhaps you will be the flawed survivor who emerges from the settling dust forever changed, but alive.

Then you realize that we are talking ZOMBIES here, and this must be a prank. Cue relived laughter.

Thanks to NPRZ.ORG for pointing this one out! Give them a look and a follow for all your Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie (in other words – awesome geekery) needs.


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