Video of Russian Meteor Frightens Author of “Meteor Apocalypse” Novel

It really did give me a scare. If there was ever any doubt we live in strange times, this video removed it for me:

This morning, around 6 AM CT, I was thinking about my clever plan to lift a cup of Sumatra coffee at 2:24 PM ET to mark the moment when Asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass closest to Earth (over Sumatra) when the newsfeeds started to light up: meteor has exploded in the air over Russia, hundreds injured.


No, this has to be a joke. Right?

I started hunting. It wasn’t a joke.

With reports of injuries (up to 1200 as of 5:34 PM GMT) from flying glass, tweets from frightened residents in the area, and images and videos starting to crop up by the dozens, there was no way this wasn’t real anymore.

This video shows what happens when a bolide meteor passes overhead (skip to :20 and watch to about :30):

Another video: this is real time CCTV of damage done by the airburst:

What are the odds? What are the odds that the day the post-Valentine’s asteroid is set to make its historic pass this airburst over the Urals takes place?

I wrote a novel about a world that barely survives a month-long meteor storm. In the story, set twenty years after the end of modern civilization, meteor strikes are still an everyday occurrence. There is even a meteor storm (called rockfall in the book) that takes placed during the climactic battle.

I never thought I would actually get to see video of a meteor flash through the sky and explode in a building-shaking, glass-shattering airburst.

Strange times, indeed.

I can’t hope to keep up with the big news organizations that are covering the story with live updates, but I can link you to them. For my money, go to the source and check out Russia Today.


NASA has confirmed that this event is NOT linked to Asteroid 2012 DA14

Video capturing the sound of the explosion – notice how it rocks the camera man!


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