Now I know how to pronounce Perseid

800px-Perseid_meteor_and_Milky_Way_in_2009Per-see-id. Now you do, too.

There is one meteor shower that produces more fireballs than any other, and the show is right around the corner! Coming August 12th and 13th is the Perseid, which we now know has the most bangs-for-your-buck. Comet Swift-Tuttle is the source of all these awesome fireballs (which are meteors of great brightness in the sky, at least as bright as Jupiter – so easier to spot, but not BOLIDE bright)which you can see for yourself in a couple of weeks.

This timing is neat for me, as it will be right smack-dab in the middle of my Seven Stones Kickstarter campaign. I’ll probably be live-tweeting from a nearby field during the peak times (anytime between 10:30PM to 4:30AM local time…although other sites recommend after midnight since that is when the moon sets on those dates).

Most of my tweets will likely be “I can’t see anything” because the phone will wreck my night-vision, or “DEAR LORD THE MOSQUITOES” because I will likely have forgotten the bug spray. Riveting!

YOU be smart, though, and head out from the city-lights. Pack a blanket to lie on, some grub, bug spray, and keep the brightness down on your phones…or even better, just leave them off for a few hours. You’ll have to get used to living without them anyway after Rockfall…

Curious about when to view other meteor showers? Check out this handy chart.


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