The Seven Stones Seventh Day Report

Apparently I can’t reblogg my own blog post multiple times, despite the fact that I have multiple sites. I guess it may cause some kind of blog vortex or something.

Anywho, I’ve decied to just re-POST my blog article. Take THAT, uh, Guardians of the uh, WordPress…Way…

What an exciting seven days it has been.

We launched just before the stroke of midnight CT on August 2nd, caught some attention, and sailed to a $2040 mark as of this writing! Thanks entirely to the passionate efforts of our seven writers and seven artists, which is a true testament to their dedication to this project! Jeremy, Emily, Kelly, Howard, Willie, Scott, Kennon, Craig, Chris, Brain, Nic, Jeremiah, Daniel and Dustin… you are all aces in my book.

As are each and every one of the 49 backers who have come into the fold. You all are making this dream come true!

We have three weeks to go, and according to Kicktraq we are trending towards $9,000, which is great but kind of a hollow figure (because you just never can tell). All I know is that we are hoping to at least hit our funding goal and will put any extra to good use (such as bumping the word and page rates for the team!)

The second two weeks are, typically, the valley of a Kickstarter campaign; to combat that we’ve arraigned for some fun and exciting attention grabbers!

To begin with (and you heard it here first) on Saturday we are adding THREE MORE commission slots for Kelly Williams! The first group went so fast, and Kelly is such a rockstar, that he has offered more of his time and effort to help us get there.

Then on Sunday at 6:25 Central Time I will be a featured guest on the Derek and Kay Show – this is a first for me. I’ve done a podcast interview before, but never LIVE on an internet radio show! Yes, you can call in at (661) 467-2416 and harass me with questions about Seven Stones, CLUTCH, the Kickstarter – or whatever grabs your fancy! There is a chat room, too, for those who like to play it that way. (whatever that means) The show has been selected as a “Staff Pick” and will be featured on the BlogTalkRadio homepage for 24 hours (so all day Monday) so if you miss the live show you can grab it then!

Here is a link to share around, and where you will find me when the show goes on this Sunday!

AND THEN starting Monday will be “Seven Days of Seven Stones”at, where Leo Johnson will publish his series of interviews with myself, Kelly Williams, Willie Meikle, Nicolas Giacondino, Craig Terlson, Scott Colby and the dynamic duo Emily Hall & Jeremy Mohler!

ALSO (whew!) at some point next week the 12thKnight herself, Kristine Chester, will post her review of not only the Seven Stones Kickstarter, but a sneak-read of my story, Wrath of the Rat God and William Meikle’s story Staying Alive Among the Beasts! She is the first “outsider”to read these stories, but Kristine has been such a huge supporter of The Wrecked Earth (and original CLUTCH Kickstarter Tribe member!) that she’s practically one of the gang. Her article will be on the fabulous Fanboy Comics site!

And I will be re-launching my Twitter onslaught after giving everyone a bit of a break. I’m taking a new tactic – I know that it can get a bit crass to only tweet about the Kickstarter, even though I’m trying to find those of my followers who haven’t heard of it yet, so from now on for every tweet about Seven Stones I’m going to tweet a factoid about meteors! You can follow me on twitter at @celwelsh. And, by the way, if you don’t know about it yet we are having a lot of lively fun on Facebook at the Seven Stones page, so come and join us!

There are still a ton of great rewards to be had, including commissions from Jeremy Mohler, Nicolas Giacondino (and soon Kelly Williams), four BE IN THE COMIC rewards and even some Early Birds!

Thank you one and all, backers and readers and tweeters and FB posters and word-of-mouthers and… all of you.

You just warm my heart.




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