With less than a week to go, let’s push for a stretch goal that will more than double the current pledge amount and get the first Wrecked Earth comic created!

(Link to campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1502681567/seven-stones-stories-of-the-wrecked-earth)

As part of the original goal for Seven Stones I’d set up artists to create eight page comics for each of the short stories in the anthology, and I still plan to make that happen. If we can hit $1,500 Kelly Williams (Comic artist [Alterna Comics, Topsoil Comics], web comic artist [Co-Op] and colorist for the CLUTCH cover) will draw the comic for my story WRATH OF THE RAT GOD!

I will host the comic online for free, and it will serve as the first step toward the official Seven Stones Graphic Novel. To help us get to the goal Kelly has agreed to participate in two new reward levels: (and remember, you can change your reward levels at any time before the campaign ends, so you’ll have first crack at these!)

Kelly Williams Commission: 9×12 watercolor commission. This reward includes the Wrecked Earth Print Bundle reward!

Be In the Comic! Send us your picture and you will appear as a minor character in the comic – guaranteed to die a gruesome death! This reward includes the Wrecked Earth Print Bundle Reward!

As the emphasis on this campaign is on the anthology, and anthologies mean lots of stories, if we hit this goal I will write a new Wrecked Earth short story and send it to all backers – and I will chose one backer at random to be included in the story!

So if you love comics, want to appear in a comic or story, would love first look at an original Wrecked Earth story, or are just generally the bee’s knees – spread the word! Let folks know how many stories they can get for a buck and all the other cool things that are going on – and how much fun we are having!
It might seem nuts to make such a big push at a late date, but… http://youtu.be/NriOZ6ofj_Q?t=4s


Chime in!

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